Victoria and Ben, Marquee Wedding, Cobham, March 2017

This was a great wedding, from start to end, in a lovely marquee (Inside Outside Marquees).  Kalm Catering were excellent as ever, and served welcome drinks as the Rollercoaster Duo entertained the crowd.

First dance was I’m A Believer, played by the band, and from then on, the crowds danced and the band played…. just check out the video and you can see!

Thanks for looking after us, and best of luck in the future!

Alan and Naomi, Wedding Reception, Bury Court Barn, April 2017

Back to Bury Court for another top wedding.  We had met Ålan and Naomi at a wedding open day at Bury Court, and they had since seen the band at Kempton Park racecourse.  As always, Jacuranda delivered on the tasty meals – and the mobile pizza van was setup outside to keep the guests fed throughout the evening.

First dance was a mixture of tunes edited by Alan… to accompany a marvellous dance routine, which was a joy to watch.  Then the band pushed on with the set – and into a wonderful night of music and dancing!

Thanks for looking after us, best of luck in the future!

Louisa and James, Wedding Reception, Loseley Park, Surrey, March 2017

Loseley is a lovely venue, set in beautiful grounds – and it’s a great place to play.  Catering was courtesy of Caper and Berry, so the food was first class, as was the service.  We setup in the afternoon, so the transition from meal to band (via a fantastic fireworks display outside) was seamless.  After the cutting of the cake, we pushed on into the first dance, and from then on, we played to a busy dance floor – all night long.  We had Chris Haigh on fiddle, alongside the lovely vocals of Holly, so we played a broad range of material – including new songs such as Shake It Off, and Can’t Stop The Feeling.

We ended on Champagne Supernova, and Louisa and James departed under the arch made by the guests.  Top night, great venue, lovely couple – thanks for looking after us, and best of luck in the future.

Rebecca and Tom, Gate Street Barn, Bramley, Feb 2017

Great venue – with a great sound, now that we use the electric drum kit at all the Gate Street shows – which means the perfect balanced sound out front!  First dance was Wonderful Tonight, played by the band, and from then on we played a selection of tracks to suit the crowd.  Tom and Rebecca had presumed the guests would tire early, as it had been a long day, but we kept them going right up until closing time, and then sent them out to form an arch of sparklers… a perfect goodbye to a very happy couple!

Great party, great guests – thanks for looking after us!

Charlotte and Gareth, Wedding Reception, Layer Marney Tower, nr Colchester, New Years Eve 2016

  • IMG_7394

    Long beautiful hall, with Rollercoaster at the end

  • IMG_7417

    Layer Marney Tower

  • IMG_7404

    A tapestry!

  • IMG_7403

    Holly keeps warm pre-gig

  • IMG_7400

    Th E-Type… and nothing else matters

  • IMG_7398

    The setup

This was the first visit to Layer Marney Tower, and it turned out to be a very fine venue indeed!  We played at the end of a long hall, and setup in the afternoon.

First dance was Country Road, played by the band.  However, the remit was to create a ‘Live Lounge’ vibe on this country classic, so we had worked on the arrangement to come up with something new, and appropriate (in fact, we will be recording this version, as it worked so well).  After this, the crowds danced away, and after a short break, we pushed on and played a full on second set, breaking for the New Year’s countdown.  We then played on until 12.30, and left the crowds wanting more (the the arrival of various taxis meant the party had to end).

It was a wonderful wedding to be playing on New Years Eve – thank you so much for looking after us – best of luck in the future!

Jude and Simon, Wedding Reception, Gate Street Barn, December 2016

Last gig before Christmas, and a wonderful show to play.  We had the electric drum-kit, to work with the in built sound limiter… which meant a great sound for the guests.  Earlier in the day, fiddler Chris Haigh had been charming the guests during the ceremony, whilst Jason joined us for the main event later.  First dance was Thinking Out Loud, played by the band, and then we pushed on, and the guests danced the night away.

Thanks for looking after us – best of luck in the future!

Steve and Hilary, Wedding Reception, Bingham Hotel, London, December 2016

After walking into the venue, we are immediately taken by the bride to see the hen party video of ‘Too Good To be True’.  At the bar, a magnum of red wine is in full flow.  Hilary (the bride) informs me that hours before, a pint of lager had been accidentally spilt down the front of her wedding dress… and it had only just come back from an expensive dry cleaners!  We hurry on to setup, but it was obvious that this was going to be a full on party!

The cake was wonderful (visually, and in taste).  Yes, the crowds danced and sang, and we packed it all in before 11pm, when as specified by the venue, we had to swap over to DJ.

They were a great crowd to play to – thanks for looking after us so well – best of luck in the future!